Rammy's Kyoto reservation form

Please fill out the form below and press the confirmation button.
I would like to have a session with Mistress Rammy.

Mistress Rammy can speak English.

◆Membership number
*When you are using in the past and you know the membership number.
  I will use KAIRAIDO for the first time.

◆Your name *Required

◆Your e-mail address *Required

◆Do you speak Japanese language?
Not at all  Some words  Almost no difficulty

◆Session date and start time *Required
You can write multiple desired date and time.

◆A hotel for a session
A love hotel [short-stay hotel] in the designated area
Hotel fee is not included in our price. [no transportation fee]
The hotel that I'm staying at [session fee + transportation fee]
A name of a hotel  

◆Designated lovehotels.
Meet in front of the hotel and check in with Mistress Rammy.

Hotel Shijo (四条ホテル) [GoogleMap]
Hotel Toiuwakede (ホテルと、いうわけで) [GoogleMap]
I do not know the location of the love hotel.
I want to go to the recommended love hotel [short-stay hotel] together with the Mistress.
Meeting place
*7-Eleven [Kyoto Higashiyama Donguri Bridge]京都東山団栗橋前店 [GoogleMap]
*Session time will start when meeting with Mistress at the meeting place.

◆Admission fee
VIP member [5,000Yen]   Regular Member [1,000Yen]

◆M course. *Extension 30 minutes 10,000 yen.
Femdom BDSM and fetish session.
A mistress wears costumes and will not become naked. You can't touch and do pussy worship either.

60minutes [VIP member 19,000Yen] [Regular Member 20,000Yen]
90minutes [VIP member 24,000Yen] [Regular Member 25,000Yen]
120minutes [VIP member 29,000Yen] [Regular Member 31,000Yen]
3hour [VIP member 46,000Yen] [Regular Member 48,000Yen]
5hour [VIP member 75,000Yen] [Regular Member 77,000Yen]

◆M course VIP. *Extension 30 minutes 12,000 yen.
Femdom BDSM and fetish session +naked mistress, pussy and ass worship included.
A mistress becomes naked.You can touch softly and do pussy and ass worship to a mistress.

60minutes [VIP member 24,000Yen] [Regular Member 25,000Yen]
90minutes [VIP member 31,000Yen] [Regular Member 32,000Yen]
120minutes [VIP member 40,000Yen] [Regular Member 42,000Yen]
3hour [VIP member 60,000Yen] [Regular Member 62,000Yen]
5hour [VIP member 85,000Yen] [Regular Member 87,000Yen]

◆Special course. *Extension 30 minutes 15,000 yen.
Femdom BDSM and fetish session +naked mistress, pussy and ass worship, kiss, blowjob[with condom] included.
A mistress becomes naked. She kisses and does blowjob[with condom] to you. She can be Chijo(痴女).You can touch softly and do pussy and ass worship to a mistress.

60 minutes [VIP member 27,000Yen] [Regular Member 28,000Yen]
90 minutes [VIP member 40,000Yen] [Regular Member 41,000Yen]
120 minutes [VIP member 50,000Yen] [Regular Member 51,000Yen]
3hour [VIP member 70,000Yen] [Regular Member 71,000Yen]
5hour [VIP member 95,000Yen] [Regular Member 96,000Yen]

◆Two mistress M course. *Extension 30 minutes 15,000 yen.
Session with two mistresses. Mistresses wear costumes and will not become naked. You can't touch and do pussy worship either.

60minutes [VIP member 38,000Yen] [Regular Member 40,000Yen]
90minutes [VIP member 45,000Yen] [Regular Member 48,000Yen]
120minutes [VIP member 56,000Yen] [Regular Member 60,000Yen]
3hour [VIP member 90,000Yen] [Regular Member 94,000Yen]
5hour [VIP member 145,000Yen] [Regular Member 149,000Yen]

Clothes designation [1outfit +1,000Yen]
Vomit [+6,000yen] *We bring food and drink for vomiting.
Scat [+12,000yen] *Only the first session of the day. Reservation by 1pm the day before session.

Cash [Before session]
Credit card [The day before session. Fee +10%]

◆Please mark your favorite things.
Physical domination Hard Medium Soft
Mental domination Yes No
Whipping Yes Leave it to her No
Rope bondage Yes Leave it to her No
Stimulations Anal  Nipples  Penis 
CBT Yes Leave it to her No
Spit Yes Leave it to her No
Mouth-to-mouth feeding Yes *You have to prepare the food and drink. No 
Golden shower In the mouth  On the body 
Facesitting Yes Leave it to her No
Pleasures Handjob  Footjob  Masturbation 
Ejaculation Yes Leave it to her No
Tools Hand shackle  Ankle shackle
Collar  Gag  Strap-on 
What is your fetishism?
Other requests

◆Are you allergic to metal objects, rubber and other substances?
But it does not guarantee perfect prevention of any allergic reaction.
We do not assume any responsibility to the results of your allergic reaction of any kind regarding to the session.
Are you allergic ? 
Yes [Please write in detail] 

Be careful.
In this session, sexual intercourse (sexual intercourse) is forbidden. If you do excessive enforcement or dangerous behavior on Mistress, you immediately leave the hotel room. In that case the session fee can not be refunded. In case of any serious (physical or extreme emotional ) damage done to our staff, may result as a reporting to nearby police station and criminal prosecution. The use of condom is compulsory. Please be mindful of the fact the session including bondage or restraint (especially using hemp rope), may leave some line of rash temporarily on your skin.

Rules in Kairaido
*You cannot sexual (vaginal) intercourse with mistress in the Kairaido.
*Mistress does not take off the clothes. [Except when "M course VIP" or "Special course" are selected.]
*You cannot touch the mistress.
*You will be treated as a slave to the mistress.
*Swear allegiance to the mistress during the session.
*If you ignore the rules will stop the session without refund.

I understand the rules and send the form.

We will reply whether your reservation is possible or not.
I will also explain the charge of the session and how to use the hotel.
If you do not receive a response from us even after 24 hours since you sent this form, the form may not be sent correctly. Please submit the form again.